Teeth Whitening Special! Complementary Professional Teeth Whitening

kaboom teeth whitening flyer
  • Complementary Professional in-office teeth Whitening with a routine Dental Check-up and Cleaning. ($600 Value)

How do I qualify for Free in-office Teeth Whitening?

  1. 1. New and Existing patients qualify for our complementary teeth whitening promotion.  When you come in for a routine exam and cleaning; We will include the complimentary teeth whitening.
  3. 2. Most major Dental PPO Insurance plans are accepted in our office.  These plans will cover your routine dental visit in full (i.e. Aetna, Cigna, Metlife, Guardian, Delta Dental, Principal, Sunlife and others.)
  5. 3. The professional teeth whitening can be done on the same day as your cleaning or you may return for teeth whitening on another day.

How Does Kaboom! Professional in-office Teeth Whitening Work?

  • Kaboom! Teeth Whitening is a Light activated 35% H.P. formula developed by Dr. Peter Mann.  We believe this whitening product produces better results with less sensitivity than other teeth whitening products on the market.  
  • Since we manufacture our own products can guarantee that the whitening products are always fresh to create best possible results.
  • Teeth whitening works by exfoliating stains that have build up in enamel due to eating and drinking foods and beverages that stain teeth.  In a single 1-hour visit we can remove years of stains off of your teeth.  Revealing a beautiful rejuvenated natural smile.  Many patients achieve results of up to 12 shades lighter.
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