Teeth Whitening Before and After Photos of our clients


12 shades whiter teeth

36 year old gentleman got 12 shades lighter with one visit professional Teeth Whitening treatment using Kaboom!


10 shades Whiter teeth

James is a 44 year old busy business owner.  He doesn’t typically have time for cosmetic procedures.  Years of coffee stains were removed in just one visit with our professional teeth whitening treatment called Kaboom!

Teeth Whitening before and after photo

Thin Enamel Teeth Whitening

32 year old female drinks about 2 cups of coffee per day wanted to remove those pesky coffee stains.  Patient has very thin enamel, so we did not expect the best results.   Final results were 8 shades lighter with one office visit using Kaboom! Whitening 


16 shades whiter

Julie is a 25 year old flight attendant.  She suffered from dental anxiety for years.  She finally gathered enough courage to let us fix all her cavities…. Teeth Whitening was done after all her dental problems got fixed. She was 16 shades ligther after one visit with Kaboom! whitening treatment.


8 Shades whiter

28 year old female patient wanted to look her best for her wedding.   She got 8 shades lighter with Kaboom! Whitening in-office treatment.  The entire visit took about an our.


6 shades whiter

James is a 22 year old entrepreneur.  He loves the energy of NYC.   He takes great care of his smile. His teeth got 6 shades lighter with professional teeth whitening. 


4 shades whiter Teeth!

22 year old female patient like her teeth and maintains them well.  She got 4 shades lighter with professional whitening treatment.


10 shades whiter teeth

James removed years of coffee stains in just one visit.  His teeth got 10 shades lighter. 


12 shades whiter teeth!

34 year old female patient always had sensitive teeth.  She was worried her teeth might be too sensitive for  teeth whitening treatment.  She was able to complete the entire whitening treatment during her visit.  Her teeth are 12 shades lighter.


8 shades lighter

33 year old James decided to give teeth whitening a try before getting married.  His teeth got 8 shades lighter.  


12 shades lighter

33 year old male patient.  This was his first time whitening his teeth.  He got 12 shades lighter 


6 shades lighter

44 year old patient was 6 shades lighter after teeth whitening treatment