Dr Peter Mann

NYC Emergency Dentist

  • When you have a dental emergency requiring urgent attention, a highly qualified NYC Emergency dentist is available 7 days a week in our Manhattan office.  Same day appointments are available.  Get your problem resolved quickly, painlessly and efficiently.
  • Dr. Peter Mann provides emergency services to get you immediate pain relief, repair a broken tooth, crown, or filling.  Same day tooth extractions and root canal treatments can be performed in our midtown Manhattan modern dental practice.  We are ready to take care of your dental emergency 7 days a week. 

We work with Most PPO Dental Insurance Plans

  • Whether you have a dental PPO dental insurance plan or you are currently uninsured our dentists are here to help solve your emergency dental situation.  Our office accepts most dental PPO plans such as Metlife, Guardian, Cigna, United Healthcare, Delta Dental and more. 
  • No insurance? Sign up for a plan for as low as $50/month.  The plan includes two exams/cleanings per year with significant discount towards any necessary dental work.
  • Patient Testimonials for Emergency Dental Care

  •   Very efficient. The staff are super friendly and always willing to help out if you need a last minute appt or have an emergency! Dr Mann has always taken great care of me and has personally reached out to check up after a procedure. Highly recommend!!   by Robyn M. on Google
  •  Dr. Mann and his team are incredible! I have always has a great experience with my dental cleanings; however as of recent the team was able to get in me quickly for a dental emergency and expedited everything so smoothly. I have already recommended and passed on their contact details to a number of friends and would recommend that you HIGHLY consider this dental practice!!  by Mirlinda K. on Yelp

  • Office was extremely clean and the staff was friendly. I went in for an emergency appointment he listened to my history and explained what he would be doing. I will definitely be back to see him by J.P. on Zocdoc
  •  Went in for emergency services. Was early for appointment, front office had my paperwork already printed, and I was seen early! Dr. Mann was able to help me, and we scheduled another appointment for some additional work. Everyone in the office was super nice and helpful!! Look forward to my next visit.
  • Went in for an emergency repair on a Saturday. I chipped my front tooth the night before and Dr. Mann fixed my tooth perfectly! I was also able to get a cleaning which was a plus! by Danielle C. on Zocdoc
  • Great customer service and the dentist was very attentive throughout the whole procedure! Hands down one of the best in NYC, truly amazing!!!! I had an emergency and they were able to see me the very next day! Best experience I’ve ever had at the dentist office. Would recommend to anyone! by Dyanna M. on Google

What is a Dental Emergency?

  • The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends recommends bi-annual routine dental check-up and cleanings as the best way to prevent dental emergencies.   Even with preventative care dental emergencies can occur.  It’s often difficult for patients to ascertain the urgency of their discomfort. 
  • What makes an emergency urgent that it requires immediate intervention?   If there’s severe pain strong enough to cause disruption of sleep or an abscess or facial swelling it’s recommended to visit a dentist immediately.   
  • Some issues that may seem like emergencies do not require immediate intervention.   A minor tooth chip, sensitivity to hot or cold, a crown or filling that fell out  require a dental appointment.  But if a day or two passes before you see a dentist, it’s not a big deal.  It’s important to remember, neglecting small dental concern can result in a larger problem if a dentist isn’t seen in a timely manner.

Signs and Symptoms of a Dental Emergency

  • Dental Emergencies require immediate dental attention.  These symptoms can worsen fast.  If you’re experiencing any of the signs or symptoms below please schedule to see a dentist ASAP. 
  • * A Dull Tooth ache that doesn’t go away or can only be alleviated by taking medication every few hours.
  • * Severe sensitivity to hold and cold that lingers for 10 seconds or longer.
  • * Swollen gums and/or bleeding gums that do Not stop

Signs and Symptoms of a Dental Emergency may include:

  1. 1. Severe tooth pain or a Toothache.  Tooth pain can be caused by one of several reasons including;
  3.       A.  A dental cavity or tooth decay, that is close to the nerve. 
  4.            This can cause the nerve inside the tooth to become infected causing pain. 
  5.             If left untreated an abscess can form due to a long standing infection
  7.       B.  Gum infection caused by bacteria can lead to swollen, bleeding painful gums.
  9.       C.   A Tooth fracture can be caused by trauma.  Sometimes even by teeth grinding at night.
  11.       D.  Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) or clenching is a type of truma that can cause tooth discomfort.  If left untreated this can result in tooth fracture, TMJ disease, headaches, and neck pain.
  13.       E.  A failed dental procedure.  A failing filling, root canal, crown, or a dental implant can generate pain and discomfort. 
  15. 2. Dental infections causing Intra-oral swelling, abscess, swollen or bleeding gums.
  17. 3. Severe sensitivity of tooth or teeth to hot and/or cold
  19. 4. Traumatic injury causing a Tooth Fracture, chipped or cracked tooth. 
  21. 5. Lost or loose filling, crown, veneer, implant, inlay, onlay or bridge. 

Immediate relief for dental emergencies

  • With over a decade of experience as one of the top dentists in NYC, Dr. Peter Mann is an expert in providing Emergency Dental care.   Most patients get relief from their dental emergency on their fist visit.   While there are many dentists in New York City, few dentists are highly trained in providing emergency pain relief for their patients.  Dr. Peter Mann is regarded as one of the best dentists for immediate pain relief and emergency dental care in NYC.
  • We understand how Dental Emergencies can be a stressful experience.  Our team of experts is highly trained to provide emergency dental care with compassion.  When there’s pain or discomfort we understand that you should not have to wait.  We are available to provide immediate, same day services to alleviate your discomfort.  Most emergency patients experience relief on their very first visit.

Cosmetic Dental Emergency

  • A cosmetic dental emergency involving a broken front tooth, veneer, crown, or bonding can be a highly embarrassing situation.   Our office is open  to help patients 7 days a week so we can resolve these emergency dental problems immediately with same day service.  We understand how embarrassing and stressful it feels to go in public with a missing or broken tooth.  We will diagnose your issue and provide you with treatment options to make sure this problem does not continue recurring.  If the veneer or crown is beyond repair we will fabricate a temporary one until a final restoration can be fabricated.  We work with a terrific cosmetic lab to ensure a great esthetic outcome of each cosmetic procedure.

porcelain crowns before and after

Why our office is the Best choice for you Dental Emergency? 

  • 1. Finding the best dentist for you dental emergency starts with compassion, trust, and quality dental care.  We understand that people in pain are under immense stress which is why we attempt to resolve the problem same day with efficiency.  We are prepared to conduct most dental procedure within minutes of your arrival.  
  • 2. Experience you can trust.  With over a decade of experience of practicing dentistry in NYC, Dr. Peter Mann has always found it extremely rewarding to be able to help people with dental emergencies.  As a dental student, on his summers off, he would volunteer to work in the NYU College of Dentistry Emergency dental clinic to help patients.   According to Dr. Peter Mann the ability to “get a person out of pain or fix their broken tooth so they can smile again is a lot like a superpower.  It’s extremely rewarding and one of the best parts of my job.” 
  • 3. Providing Painless Dentistry is our passion.  We have several tools and tricks to make your emergency dental visit pain-free.  

What can I Expect during my Emergency Dental Visit?

  •  The first step during your Emergency Dental visit is for the dentist to accurately diagnose the cause of your Dental Emergency.   By carefully listening to your signs and symptoms, conducting appropriate tests and taking the necessary x-rays the dentist will diagnose the cause of your dental discomfort.  We do not rush into treatment until we’ve carefully assessed your problem to reach an accurate diagnosis.
  • Diagnosing dental pain can be tricky at times as “referred dental pain” is very common.  Meaning that you may feel that you know which tooth is causing pain, while in reality it maybe a very different tooth.  The dentist will take appropriate x-rays and perform necessary test to accurately diagnose your emergency problem.
  • After the correct diagnosis has been established your dentist will present you with treatment options.  We will discuss the benefits and any draw-backs of your options.  An informed patient is our best client.  You’ll get a print out with fees and any portions that your insurance may cover.  Our goal is to make dental treatments affordable to everyone.
  • When you’re ready to begin treatment and all your questions have been answered,  your dentist will work to resolve your dental emergency.  Dr. Peter Mann has advanced dental training and over a decade of experience of practicing dentistry in NYC.  He has expertise in many dental procedures including fillings, crowns, veneers, root canals, tooth extractions, traditional dental implants and mini-dental implants.

Patient Testimonials

Best Emergency Dentist in Manhattan, NY

  •   Dr. Mann was great! He saw me very quickly with tooth emergency. His evaluation gave me confidence that I’d see him again. He said to wait on the root canal to see how tooth reacts over a week. Then he re-evaluated and did what was necessary to ensure my teeth had a clean bill of health.   By verified patient on Zocdoc
  •  Dr. Mann and his staff are the best. I needed an emergency root canal and they took great care of me. The procedure was quick and basically painless. I did’nt even need to take any pain relievers afterward. These people are professional, friendly and compassionate. I highly recommend them. Dr. Mann is a great dentist. By Robin D. on Yelp
  •  The best dentist in NYC. So professional, on time—never a wait, you are seen at your appointment time, so clean and comfortable setting, and awesome staff. Dr. Peter is great, and highly recommend him. Plus being open on weekends, is great, especially for those times you have a tooth emergency, which my mom did, and took her there. Then I became a patient as was so pleased with the service. by Niria P. on Yelp
  •   My dentist of 20 years retired. I went to Dr.Mann based on the reviews. Office staff is super nice,the place is very well run. They take many insurances, I had none, so I addressed my emergency first. His digital x ray and panoramic equipment confirmed my worst fear, my bridge was no good, and infected the post tooth requiring a root canal.
  • We sat, and discussed the situation, and decided saving the tooth was worth it, but building a bridge on a root canal was rolling the dice. Off came the bridge and on came the root canal and temporary crowns.
  • A total professional. I never felt 4 deep injections, the bridge was off in 10 minutes. The root canal was excellent. He was very careful, stopping 3 times and taking progressive X rays so we could be sure everything including the posts were placed right.
  • I was out in 90 minutes. I had a deep infection that could have had serious consequences. The day before the procedure I was placed on a 7 day round of antibiotics.
  • He does it all, great staff, great practice. I am so glad I found him. You trust him. He is straight forward , honest and informative. by Joe B. on Yelp
  •   Went in for emergency services. Was early for appointment, front office had my paperwork already printed, and I was seen early! Dr. Mann was able to help me, and we scheduled another appointment for some additional work. Everyone in the office was super nice and helpful!! Look forward to my next visit.
  •   This is the second time when Dr. Mann treated an emergency. Both times he was a complete competent professional and treated my problems (re a filling that came out and a fractured tooth) successfully and efficiently. I have complete confidence in him. The staff is also very good. In addition, he does not overcharge as do others in the New York area. After going to a number of dentists who were less competent and less caring, I plan to return to Dr. Mann for future regular treatment. by Natalia K on Zocdoc