Veneers Before And After Photo Gallery


Patient #1

28 year old female disliked her old veneers on two front teeth.  They were too yellow and roots were showing. 

Dr. Peter Mann replaced both veneers on front teeth with better matching shade and shape to create a harmonious smile.


Patient #2

32 year old female patient didn’t like the dark color of one of her front teeth.  Two of the front teeth were rotated.

By placing just 2 veneers on the front teeth Dr. Peter Mann corrected the shade of the teeth, aligned the front two teeth and created a harmoneous smile.

  • 24 year old female patient with some fillings and cavities on her front teeth.  Dr. Peter Mann was able to transform her smile with four porcelain veneers on her front teeth
  • 29 year old female patient disliked the appearance of her front teeth.  She’s had them bonded many times in the past.  Four porcelain veneers were placed on her front teeth to transform her smile.