Porcelain Crowns - Before and After Gallery


Patient #1

28 year old male has an old crown on his front tooth.  Problem is that the shade doesn’t match his natural teeth.  The gum also receded on the old crown exposing the root. 

To improve his esthetics Dr. Peter Mann replaced the old porcelain fused to metal crown with a porcelain Zirconia crown.  The shade was custom matched, which turned out perfect.  Our patient can now smile with confidence again.  Improving patients’ lives by changing their smiles is extremelly rewarding.

porcelain crowns before and after

Patient #2

33 year old patient was accidentally hit with a beer bottle. Two of his front teeth were severely broken.  

Dr. Peter Mann worked on making him two new porcelain crowns.  Once the new crowns were cemented our patient could proudly smile with confidence again.

crowns before and after photos

patient #3

31 year old male patient disliked his front two crowns.  The shade was very poor, his roots were showing, and they looked short and stubby.

Using a Diode Laser, Dr. Peter Mann gently raised the gums to give the teeth a longer appearance. We selected a lighter shade.  The patient was very happy with his new smile.

before and after porcelain crowns image

52 year old female patient disliked the appearance of her worn down yellowed front teeth.  These teeth also had bonding on them of various shades.

By placing crowns on the upper teeth we were able to achieve a harmonious natural appearance.  The patient’s smile looks more youthful and brighter.